Top 5 best catchers bag

Catchers need to carry a lot of equipment to a baseball game, as such, they need good baseball bags for this jobs. A good catcher bag can mean different things to different people. However, a good catcher bag is one which provides ample space for your gear, has good quality and allows for easy organization of your baseball equipment. Below are the top 5 best catchers bags in the market.

1. Easton E500C

Efficient transportation- The Easton E500C catchers bag comes with telescoping handle for efficient transportation together with reinforced straps which help to make the load disbursement stable.

Easton E500C

Great quality- To ensure maximum durability, the bag comes with 10 lockable zippers to prevent blow outs and a full bottom rail for added structure and durability.

great storage space- The Easton E500C can carry multiple baseball bats, alongside other gear such as cleats, balls, batting gloves and other types of equipment.

Great wheels- This catcher’s bag also comes with wide set tank wheels with full axel which prevent the bag from tipping over.

Removable shoe panel- Another great feature of this bag is that it has a removable shoe panel for custom embroidery.

2. No Errors E2

A place for everything- The No Errors E2 has nine pockets and compartments three of which are well ventilated to ensure wet items dry. Also, the bag also has a shelving system, heavy duty pocket, and Expandable shin guard pocket.

No Errors E2

Ample space for your equipment- This catchers bag can carry up to 3 baseball bats and enables you also to carry your helmet meaning that you don’t require a different helmet bag once you have E2.

Easy accessibility- Unlike other bags, the no Errors E2 enables you to access your baseball equipment with relative ease and has 4 hideaway hooks to help you hang it anywhere.

Easy maneuvering- The bag’s wheeled designs enable you to easily maneuver the bag over dirt, concrete or grass with relative ease.

Heavy duty materials- The bag is built with heavy-duty materials together with reinforced stitching to prevent rips and tears.

3. Louisville Slugger series 5

Great storage features- The Louisville Slugger series 5 has many side pockets and ventilated compartments for different types of storage.

Louisville Slugger series 5

Can hold up to 4 baseball bats- In terms of the number of baseball bats, this bag compares more favorably to other bags in the market since it can hold up to 4 bats.
Great wheels- This catcher’s bag also comes with outside mount wheel base with oversized and treaded wheels for easier and more stable rolling.

Easy accessibility- The bag enables you to access your equipment easily and has 2 durable J style hooks to help you hang it anywhere.

1 Year warranty- This bag comes with a one year warranty which goes to show the confidence of the manufacturers in the quality of their product.

4. Maxops Digital Camouflage Cobra XL

Holds many bats- Maxops catcher’s bag can hold over 6 baseball bats which is quite amazing considering that most bags carry two to four bats. Great strength- The bag comes has 2 supporting rails which help reinforce the bottom of the bag.

Maxops Digital Camouflage Cobra XL

Great Wheels- This bag comes with high quality 4″ diameter in-line wheels together with a thick wheel house to resist wear and tear.

Ample storage space- not only can this bag carry over 6 bats but it also has 3 compartments and enough space to carry all your baseball gear.

Maxops Digital Camouflage Cobra XL also has a retractable handle with a solid metal pulley system and a removable velcro flap that can be embroidered for your personal use.

5. Mizuno Samurai 4

Great quality- Mizuno samurai 4 is designed with great quality materials to help it resist wear and tear.

Large compartments- The bag has large compartments that will ensure your get protector, shin guards and helmets fit easily
Ample Storage space- The Mizuno Samurai 4 can hold 2 bats and has two wet pockets for sweaty spikes and shin guards.

Great wheels- Mizuno samurai 4 catchers bags are really big and their wheels can support a ton of baseball gear.

A wide variety of colors- Another great thing about Mizuno baseball bags is that you are not limited when it comes to your choice of color because the bag comes in different colors.

Among these top 5 catchers bags, some stand out more than the others for Example Maxops bag can carry over 6 bats while the others carry two to four bats. Some of the bags will also carry more equipment than others.

Overall, all the bags on this list are of good quality and are specifically designed to resist wear and tear. If you are looking for a great catcher’s bag, then one of these top 5 would be an amazing choice.